Dear friends and visitors from all over the world,


our statistics show that many web users from all over the world visit our internet pages. We are pleased to welcome all of you visiting us either virtually or even better personally in our lively village and community. Most of you are particularly interested in our local museum Haus Peters with its attractive and frequently changing exhibitions as well as in our picturesque church St. Anna. We are a small community, proud of our history, our sightseeing attractions, and most of all the people living here and visiting us. Our extensive, up-to-date, and lively internet pages are being created and maintained by voluntary team members. Unfortunately we do have not enough capacity amongst us to allow full coverage also in an English version free of charge. We regret that our internet presence can only be made available in a German version. But as already mentioned: We are grateful welcoming you as a visitor – either here as a virtual guest or better still directly here in our community.


With kind regards to our global visitors,
the Tetenbuell internet team


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